A Collapse of Culture — Unnecessarily

I am tired of people using slavery as an excuse for rioting.

The earliest mention of state slavery was about 1700 B.C. and Numbers 31 of the Old Testament cites a case where God ordered Moses to kill every Mediate, man, woman and child — except the Virgins, who were distributed to the Priests and Soldiers. 15,000 sex slaves! (Not just approved, but ORDERED by God, if Numbers 31 can be believed.)

State slavery was world-wide and accepted right until 1885 in Brazil.

Actually, the Greeks gave us Democracy but one-third of all Greek residents were slaves, and the Romans, who gave us a Republic, also had one-third of their residents as slaves.

And, of course, the Egyptians owned slaves also….

Just as we today practice whatever we do as the norm of our culture, so to did our forefathers in THEIR day, and I suspect that we too will be condemned by our successors for not being sufficiently enlightened as are they.

It took civilization millennia to abolish slavery. No one alive today in America is a slave. No one alive today was a slave. No one alive today owned a slave. No one rioting in the streets knew anyone who was a slave.

Freed people everywhere — and everyone alive had slaves in their background, both as slaves and as slave owners, need to be thankful that they are not slaves, and celebrate freedom instead of dwelling on past slavery.

I was born in Montgomery, Alabama, and I can tell you what the culture was in the Black community in the 1930s — it was hard-working, lawful, and dignified and just like the white neighborhoods. I know because when my Mother went to Atlanta on business, I was left with Virginia (who in those days was called my “Mammy.” Believe me it was an endearing term!).

I was left in Virginia’s home. I was the only white in the neighborhood, and I was never attacked, abused or treated differently. Mind you that culture was much closer to slavery, and some Elders in those days could have been slaves.

(When I graduated from Annapolis, I took my wife to Montgomery to meet Virginia, and to invite her to come with my wife and I to California to raise OUR children! At the time we were childless but we intended to have a family. Virginia declined because she had a sick Mother, but we both cried over the necessity of her decision.)

I only mention this because, even living under onerous Jim Crow Laws and deep Segregation, there was a culture of responsibility and an innate dignity of the people — something that has declined vastly over the years. In my youth, I argued with my Grandmother who raised me after I was orphaned, about segregation — I badgered her (Born 1890) about Heaven being segregated. She finally said, yes, it was, and I asked if that meant we could no longer see Virginia? My Grandmother never was able to answer that!

After my marriage, I could not have returned to Virginia’s old neighborhood and introduced my new wife — Virginia was family.

But some people just look for past offenses…offenses they neither suffered nor know anyone who suffered.

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