Just One More “Government Knows Best Because You Are DUMB!”

I feel so good that the California Assembly has passed a $0.10 price for EVERY plastic bag starting January 1. You can bet that the Senate will sign it and the Governor will sign it!

That was sarcasm, of course. It will be just another state bureaucracy into my life. In the first place these are not, as called, a “Single Use” Plastic Bag — I use and reuse all of them.

This will be the first state to pass such a ban.

LaDonna Harvey on KOGO radio, first postulated that she will not spend a single dime, even if that means that she carries her groceries out to her car one item at a time.

Now, don’t think you can use your current cloth bag from Trader Joes — oh, no! You are going to have to use a CALIFORNIA APPROVED cloth bag. If your bag doesn’t have a proper California sticker, then the union bagger — whose union, BTW, gets MILLIONS in a slush fund whose members will never see a dime (but whose union supported the bill in the Assembly) will not use your non-approved bag!

Personally, I will simply ALWAYS shop at the military Commissary at my local Marine base. The US Government does not have a history of enforcing California state laws.

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  1. The Senate approved the measure 22-15 on Friday.

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