“If They Come Our Way…)

The beheading of one, or even more Americans is hardly a reason for a US war.

During war, many are killed, even beheaded (see Japan’s beheading of many US), but the only question is, “Is the ISIS(ISIL) an imminent threat to the US.”

The answer is is a qualified “yes.”

Can they do what nations do — bomb multiple cities simultaneously and destroy major parts? Ahhh….no.

Can they do car bombs, and suicide vest bombings in US cities? Probably. Eventually. (One of the reasons to attack them is to keep them looking over their shoulder so they can’t plan and execute too many attacks.)

I strongly suspect that ISIS(ISIL) will attack Saudi Arabia or Europe first, simply because it is easier. In a new poll by ICM Research among French found that 16% of all residents have a favorable impression of the ISIL, and among youth that number rises to 24% — while in Germany the overall ISIL approval is 2% and in Britain it is 7%. In the 30s and the 40s, the Communist spies moved easily among the liberal intellectuals of the, primarily, Eastern universities and cocktail parties.

These European ISIS(ISIL) numbers are obviously not good, because there is a cadre of supporters in each country among whom terrorists can easily swim. As we learned in the 30s and 40s in America, the Communist spies worked easily among the liberal intellectuals of the American left.

Extreme Muslims may well cause “terrorist” attacks here as “lone wolf” attacks, but it is primarily going to be a Middle Eastern and European problem.

Let Merkel lead. Fortunately for Europe, Obama is not a capable wartime leader so someone — almost anyone — would be better. One of the problems since LBJ is that presidents insist upon meddling with the military objectives. In WWII, with the exception of making political decisions as to when — or if — to invade the mainland of Europe, the military was left to do its job, its way. Presidents are ill prepared to make military decisions.

Now there is an obvious problem, and, as Mark Steyn wisely said, “NATO is a military alliance of nations that have no military!” That doesn’t mean they can’t develop a military, but they are playing a game of “chicken” with the US — wanting Obama to go not just first but perhaps, but then they will disappear as usual.

That is a losing game for Europe. No one can out-hide, out-wait Obama. He is European by philosophy, and he is comfortable out-Europing, Europe. There are no Churchills in Europe. Britain has gone all wobbly, and Germany, to be honest, doesn’t care. France would get burned to the ground by their huge Muslim population which must have thousands of nascent Jihadists.

The Middle East is a multi – headed, intractable problem. We are well advised to let the tribes sort it out among themselves — but punish them SEVERELY if the come, or reliably threaten to come our way.

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