Cognitive Disconnect

The conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife was so absolutely expected to those of us who read the Washington Post. The trial turned into a soap opera, but the real question in my mind was why he didn’t plead guilty and spare all of the dirty details.

It was – is obvious that Bob didn’t believe his guilt, which was so, so obvious to anyone reading the long list of “gifts.”. Anyone reading the booty accepted KNEW that you can’t do that! Where was his staff? Where were his advisors? Where were his friends? I understand the bubble in the White House, but the Virginia Governor Mansion.

It reminds me of San Diego Congressman Cunningham, who to this day does not believe he did anything wrong even after his jail time. There is just some sort of cognitive disconnect.

The mind boggles! A promising political career shattered for McDonnell, and serious jail time to boot.


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