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All you can say about the US president getting 10 nations from NATO to attack ISIL, is that it is a move in the right direction.

Germany has been providing the Kurds with every type of weapon they can get into the region for weeks, and I would not be surprised to find out that we have also. The air strikes we hear about on the TV are designed to blunt specific attacks, basically pin pricks.

Degrading ISIL will take a great deal more. It will be difficult, because ISIL will not likely have established fuel depot, headquarter units, or staging areas — the sorts of things that lend themselves to B1or B52 bombers, or even Cruise Missiles.

ISIL is probably smarter than to group. That means slowly degrading ISIL. And at means one Toyota truck at a time — and lots of Toyota trucks with .50 Cal. Machine Gun mounted.

It would have been a Turkey Shoot if we had attacked the ISIS as it left Syria and entered Iraq, but we watched that and left them unmolested.

But that is water under the bridge. It is unlikely that Obama will be held responsible for that mistake. Now we must take them out truck by truck. We can do that

The next work we will do is to get the HEAVILY armed Saudis. We have sold them every weapon in the western world, trained them thoroughly, and they have done nothing with those weapons except polish them. Their concerns for protecting their oil fields is commendable, but they want our help in doing that without the need for any heavy lifting for us.

Work to be done.

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  1. Four things, Allen:

    1. Can somebody get these Jihadist bastards to agree on what they call themselves — ISIS? ISIL? IHOP? — so we’ll know whether Obama is talking about them or something else?

    2. We’re doing again what we’ve done since Korea — refusing to win. Reducing this blood thirsty bunch of Islamic scum to “manageable” proportions is the closest Obama can hope to achieve.

    3. We’re doing it — again— with a football bat. It makes us feel good — “great optics” in Obamaese — to watch a truck with a couple of these bastards in it get destroyed by a $mart bomb — but what price glory?

    4. This is an asymmetrical war (sic). Just as in Vietnam, where we had all the high tech, super expensive weaponry but only the foggiest notion of what we were doing there.” The Vietnamese had the most primitive tools of war (ever seen a punji pit?) — plus the will to win and the patience to wait for us to go away.

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