Now What Mr. President?

The president tries to make a speech become a strategy.

Wartime leaders need not be either Republican or Democrats, and in fact, like FDR, they could even be known for domestic issues, but they should be resolute, strong leaders — President Obama’s polls all show that his is a failed presidency (see Washington Post/ABC NEWS poll yesterday).

A wartime leader could even be a woman — who could doubt the leadership ability of Maggie Thatcher or Golda Meir — but President Obama?

Obama would do well to bring back General Petraeus, make him “Supreme Commander” and let him handle the military, because he has the respect of the troops.

This speech tonight is a movement towRd a strategy, and to be honest FDR didn’t have a strategy on December 8,1941 but indeed in both cases the US military had a strategy in their files.

We can bet that however diminished over time, the exposure of means and methods by Snowden has caused us — caused NSA — to go to Plan B. Plan B, whatever that is, will not be as good as the original plan but NSA will get their act together, and track those terrorists who must be tracked.

The president, to his credit, has permitted NSA to continue to do what they do, and as much as I think most of them that I have served with are horses-asses, what they do is awful good work.

They are– since we do not have to decode enemy codes — our Bletchley Park. Our police forces, Homeland Security and our military cannot say where their sources came up with the information came from — usually they don’t know, it is “masked” by multiple cut outs — but it works.

This president has used the information — or let others use it — when internal threats were hatched, but he is slow. He is slow, cautious — he is Dwight Eisenhower, and should do what Ike did, rally the disparate nations, but he is not a wartime troop leader, like Patton.

His heart isn’t in it. We don’t need a reluctant leader. I’ll believe he is serious when I hear that B-52, B-1, Warthogs and Gunships are active.

So far, one lonely Aircraft Carrier is making lazy, Ho-Hum operations.


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