Pondering “Strategy”

I I wonder if Israel might have the right strategy for Iraq: Israel takes a lot of deaths without responding, all the while using intelligence — electronic and human — and then taking out Hamas leaders on a continuing basis.

Then, when Hamas is really going to do something big — like utilize about 50 cross-border tunnels — Israel launches a massive balls-to-the -wall incredible strike leaving the earth rumbling for days after they are finished,

All the work Hamas has done is for naught, their tunnels built over many years are gone. Yes, they have the adrenalin support from the Gaza population, but people are going to tire of living in the streets under ponchos, laying on the cold rubble. That wears off as a good thing after a while. (A very short while.)

The thuggish nature of ISIL has the support of a lot of worldwide thuggery — including some women right now — but like jointing Mafia bosses they will quickly abhor the violence only to understand that they are sexual slaves to brutal men, and they can no longer escape!

It probably would shock any young woman to see young children beheaded, but once there, the girls — and young men for that matter, will quickly be disabused of their childish valor. Already, the Muslim population of Iraqi Sunnis who welcomed ISIL initially, have been shocked by the bloodlust that ISIL brings with it.

Britain, a center-point of the scum of the earth joining ISIL already reports disaffection, as young Muslims report that they did not join to “kill other Muslims” — which of course begs the question, Just whom did they think they would kill?” At any rate, they are now trapped with ISIL refusing to let them go as traitors to the cause, and Britain refusing to let them return because Britain still has a few non-Muslims for the jihadists to kill!

Some can disagree with a policy of slowly degrading the ISIL leadership with drones, but, as in Gaza we can find Sunni who can spot the leadership with lasers pointers or sticky GPS devices.

Even in massed army wars, most casualties are from artillery, not from bullets. We can do a lot with an air campaign — particularly since this is a desert war, and that means a lot of Toyota trucks and captured US tanks and armored cars, each of which is visible and easily targeted.

In this tribal war, right now ISIL started with some 15,000 troops. Because ISIL has not been seriously challenged except when they stupidly attacked Kurd positions, their troop level has grown to double that, but with untested troops.

ISIL can be easily discouraged from growing by being seriously bloodied. I do not know if the Kurds and the “Iraqi Army” can make peace and fight together, but if they can’t we have a problem because those are our “boots on the ground.”

We can do a lot with air strikes, but not everything. Right now we are not even doing a major air campaign.

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