Charter Schools

I have learned a few things blogging on the site. I learned that Charter Schools are 5% of public schools but are 30% of the Top 10 High Schools in the nation as rated by the Daily Beast.

Now, before you complain about the DB rankings, I’ll tell you what I have learned by reading the comments of many teachers over many months: (The following is sarcasm, just in case you don’t recognize it…it is hard to do i print:

Standardized test scores are meaningless, and therefore any “value added” that a teacher may or not bring is equally meaningless and cannot be used for teacher evaluations

Evaluations by Principals and Administrators are useless because politics gets played.

The only reason students struggle( or succeed) has to do with parental involvement, which is not a factor over which schools have no control.

Charter schools cherry-pick their students by test, and demographics — therefore comparing charter schools to standard public schools is meaningless.

Any organization that does not rate their school, their school district or their methodology as the tops, is inherently flawed

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