Just Pondering

Let me admit that I am glad that Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom.

I am no longer the flaming Anglophile of my youth when I would own and race only British cars, but there is within me a certain love of the Brits. I raised ONLY British cars — Jaguar, MGA, and Lotus.

Of course the Britain of my youth, the Britain whose RAF had defeated the more numerous Luftwaffe, the Britain of the vaunted Jaguar XK at Le Mans, that Britain has given away to the Britain where radical Muslims gather, BMW owns Rolls Royce and socialism reigns.

No that Britain of my youth, like the America of my youth no longer exists.

Of course Scotland also has a bit of a change. The first I heard in my study of the area was when just after the birth of Christ, the Romans invaded the islands and built Hadrian’s Wall to deter attack from the “Picitis” (Latin for The Painted Ones) as the Scots were called.

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