Teacher Due Process Is Designed to Fail, And It Does!

As I have noted often, California schools rank 47th in the nation, and the nation ranks 17th internationally in education. I wish it were not so, and I support MINIMUM teacher salaries of $100K to attract those currently going into Engineering, Computer Science, business etc. The higher salary I support comes with a caveat: Teachers must give up tenure (Engineers, Computer Sci and business don’t have such things), unionization, and must adhere to stringent testing in Schools of Education — like Engineers, etc.

I began a second Masters in Education, and quit halfway through — even though it was free because I taught Computer Science — because the courses lacked ANY academic rigor. Everyone just wanted to get the ticket punched!

I was the president and CEO of a Los Angeles TV station, and I can assure you that NO employees had “due process.” In fact I appointed a woman as the first woman Station Manager in Los Angeles, and eventually I fired the first woman Station Manager of a TV station in Los Angeles. Her “Due Process” was the length of time necessary to empty her desk, as I watched.

The small business I founded, the one I managed for an owner, and the computer company I turned around for the US federal Bankruptcy Court, all worked similarly and in compliance with the State Employment At Will law.

The TV station et al ran as a meritocracy, as all organizations should run! Schools — at least public schools, demonstrably, are not meritocracies. Until the school system works as one, I believe 10% is the proper number.

The “Due Process” designed for schools is designed to fail — and it does. There are consistent poor performances in every organization — Astronauts to teachers, hot dog vendors at stadiums to Merchant Ship Captains. All suffer firing for poor performance…everyone except teachers, whom I have argued believe they have some magical DNA from the rest of humankind.

Clue: They do not!

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