Quick Hits

We know from the lack of results, that the negotiated contracts with teachers causes constipation in the effort to fire ineffective teachers. The “due process” component is so bad that ineffective that the process simply does not work to fire ANY ineffective teachers!
Would teachers accept the exact same “due process” contract for airline pilots? Brain Surgeons? Combat military leaders?
Would teachers or the public accept keeping the suspected ineffective airline pilots in their left seats for years while their “due process” ground slowly through? Would the teachers or the public accept a “Dance of the Lemons” for Brain Surgeons from hospital to hospital, or ineffective military leaders from unit to unit?
It’s just a wild guess but I believe that teachers would not fly an airline that operated with a policy of keeping ineffective pilots in the left seat while their “due process” was exhausted, but for some reason an ineffective teacher can fail to educate and motivate thousands of students over serious amounts of time with teacher support!
You can bet that the pilot’s due process is not the same well-documented, drawn-out and lengthy due process that teachers have built-in for themselves.
My question was whether teachers would accept an airline that had the SAME due process available to teachers. That would be one that leaves the pilot in the left seat for years after being deemed “ineffective?”
I think not!
The Daily Beast ranks the top 100 high schools in the nation, and US News and World Report does the same for colleges and universities. Already, the population of Charter Schools (which are public schools) is only 5% nationally but Charters are 30% of the Top Ten High Schools.
I just think that every parent should have as much choice of NOT sending their children to public schools as Clinton, Obama, Ted Kennedy, Rahm Emanuel, Chris Christie Joe Biden and John McCain et al, to either send, or not send their child to standard public schools.
In fact the last president to send his children to public school was Jimmy Carter. The Members of the House and Senate who send their children to public school is also low. Here are the stats from about 10 years ago of those who use private schools

, and you know that the situation is no better::

31% of House Education and Workforce committee members

• 45% of House Ways and Means committee members

• 56% of Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee members

• 47% of Senate Finance committee members

• 29% of Congressional Black Caucus members

• 46% of Congressional Hispanic Caucus members

If alternatives are good enough for them, they are good enough for “us!”

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