Uh, Oh! The Turks! (They can flat fight!)

The news that Turkey has decided to provide ground troops is great news.

I served with Turkish troops in Korea and they had a reputation as fierce fighters, and in many ways they are better than US Marines, but only because the Turkish troops were not encumbered by politically correct “Rules of Engagement” — while the Turks are (Or at least we’re) not so encumbered.

The ISIL units are attacking the Peshmerga villages right on the Turkish border, and the Turks have a very large and well-trained army, with short supply lines. When they roll they will roll right over the relatively lightly armed and lightly trained (Relatively trained) ISIL.

ISIL determined that they could act “Army-like, Light” because the Iraqi army was made up partly of their Sunni partners, and would not fight. ISIL was right, but now their “Army” might have to face a REAL, honest-to-goodness ARMY>

If, and when the Turks roll, they will move as fast as their tanks can go. The good news for the ISIL is that their Toyota trucks can retreat faster than the Turkish tanks can advance — but Turkey MAY only wish to relieve the stress on their border because hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled there, causing a humanitarian crises.

If that is the case, the Turks may just establish a buffer zone in Syria into which Syrian refugees may retreat, and let the UN handle the refugees.

But if Turkey is in for the entire fight, look out!

They can flat fight!

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