…And You Think WE have problems!

If you think the management of our states is difficult, imagine the management of 20+ independent nations — the European Union. It’s hard to know where to start, but let’s start with Britain.

Now if you think that the U.S. is into multiculturalism, England is the result of native tribes being overrun by the Romans just after the death of Christ, abandoned by the Romans 400 years later after holding off the Tribe called the Pictis (later called the Scots), only to have the British islands then overrun by the Anglo-Saxons (generally from what we call Germany), subsequently attacked by the Vikings seagoing pirates from Scandinavia, (Mostly Danes), overrun by the French, then again by the Germans, co-opted by getting independence by accepting German Kings, (the offspring of whom rule today). Just to show you how confused it is, when the Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy, and perhaps you have been there, the Normans are descendants of the Vikings. (The Normans, who were recent Vikings, conquered Britain in 1066 — the Norman Conquest– but I digress.) I mention this without even discussing the chaos that surrounded the religious turmoil of the area, but it was HUGE., and my mention of the history of Europe is included only because many Americans think that Europe has been fairly stable.

Chaos has ALWAYS reigned in Europe!

And that’s only part of it! And, having recently escaped a defection from Scotland, the Brits face a rise in Anti-European Union sentiment to the point where the Anti-EU Sentiment is so strong that their leader, Nigel Farage, is currently out-poling the Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron has had two Parliament Ministers defect recently, and Cameron has been forced to say if he can’t Get concessions from the EU, he will vote to leave the EU. (Britain already does recognize the currency, the Euro.)

Now, across the Chanel, the EU is trying to hold Britain in the fold by offering concessions through adding Vice Presidents on top of Commissioners, to add layer of bureaucrats to an already constipated bureaucracy just to placate the British by making the Vice President of Finance a Brit.

Simultaneously, Cameron’s Conservative Party is moving the stop the European Human Rights Court from overruling British Courts.

The EU in Brussels is a complete mess, overseeing a sputtering economy with 16% unemployment, a challenging Russian Bear in the Ukraine, winter coming with Russian oil and gas a necessity  — while the EU tweaks the Bear’s nose with sanctions, and a decision coming in late October as to how many concessions are necessary to keep Britain in the EU.

The answer may be that NOTHING can keep the British in the EU, and probably nothing can keep the EU together in the long run.

The world needs a strong America and a strong Europe. It has neither!

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