About Kobani

I am ambivalent about the ISIL situation, because 50 years ago I would not even have known about the fighting on the Syrian border, at Kobani. A fight between Kurds and Islamists on the other side of the world would have been nothing to me.

I often wonder why it is now? I know it is because the Kurds will be overrun, and rape, murder and pillage will ensue — just as it has in those very village for thousands of years. We are not talking about a settled part of the world.

Yes, I believe that ISIL should be destroyed, and THIS president was REALLY elected to get our troops out of Iraq, and by extension, Syria, and further, a NATO nation, Turkey has troops that can save Kobani.

Yes, Turks hate Kurds but Kurds make up a large Kurd population, and they VOTE. The current Turkish government is committing political suicide and setting themselves up for NATO membership sanctions. Their president is an Islamist, friend of Iran and Hamas — the question is, what is the population?.

There are 72 conflicts taking place worldwide. and I suggest that we would do well to focus!


Russia is a problem. China is a problem. Either can destroy half of America in 1 hour.

ISIL cannot.

(But NATO should expel Turkey, immediately)

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