Voted Off the Island

A late Fox News Poll says that only 9 % would support their state seceding from the country, and that is interesting since the Constitution has no provision for a state leaving the Union.

Then the poll asked if the U.S. population could vote another state “off the Island” — and the majority of respondents (53%) said that they would vote California out of the Union.

Perhaps we who live here don’t recognize the enmity with which we are judged, because we just enjoy the sunshine, although we realize that people talk about the nation tilting and all of the nuts flowing to California.

There are three or four states nearing bankruptcy and California is at the head of that list, and indeed three of our communities have already gone into bankruptcy.

But California is also the eighth economy in the world if California were a nation. It is the center of technology for America. Unfortunately California is about 11% of the U.S. population but it has about 35% of the U.S. welfare cases, because it has easy entry requirements, and generous benefits. California is a magnet for welfare families, at the same time California is strangling its corporations and the productive citizens with high taxes.

So, California is at best a mixed bag, but it has been under Democratic control for so long that corporate moves and expansions are leaving at a rapid rate. The state is strangling its productivity while inducing the generational welfare.

I understand the feelings of the rest of the nation about California. We are the Greece of North America.

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