Killing Patton is a Must Read (or listen)

I had not read or listened to any of Bill O’Reilly’s very popular history books, but perhaps I have made an error — so, although I am an Atheist I will listen ( to Killing JESUS. (Bill actually reds the book — well — on Audible.)

To say that I was impressed by Killing PATTON would be an understatement. Having read much of the WWII history, I was surprised with how much I should have known, and didn’t. Learning the new material was very enjoyable and easy.

First, Bill can afford to cooperate with a first class researcher. Next Bill is both a high school history teacher and a Journalist before becoming a television personality. His prior professions mean a love of history and good writing skills, both of which combine to make Killing PATTON a “must read.”

As Bill has described in a TV interview, the war in Europe rotated around the “most audacious” General in the European Theater. Patton demanded the Tip of the Spear assignments for his Third Army Tank Corps. Patton, who rubbed just about everyone wrong, except his men, was denied the honor of having his men be the first into Germany by crossing the Rhine, he replied to the second denial by answering “We have already done it.” And he had, complete with a photo of Patton peeing into the Rhine on its East bank!

Patton correctly predicted the threat of Russia, and that may have cost him his life — but that is a mystery Bill explores, and I’ll leave that to your reading or listening.

I suggest you do.

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