One of the things that bothers me is the claim by many on the right, that Obama is purposely destroying the US, is a Muslim, or any one of a number of things.

It brings to mind a GREAT Heinlein quote”

“You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity” Robert Heinlein, “The Logic of Empire” 1941


There is a constant cry among some to support the Apple/Google new policy that locks all Apple/Google in an encryption that does not even permit a Federal Judge to break. The FBI and NSA are objecting, saying that a Federal Judge’s order should have access anywhere.


Simple! Announce that no longer will the FBI provide any information or protection for Apple and Google facilities, or attempted electronic break-ins, worldwide! Problem solved.


I have no idea about Global Whatever, but what I do know is that I began computer science in 1967, and never saw a predictive program that was worth Vice President John Nance Garners famous “bucket of warm spit.”

If you search for climate predictions made by date certain, and there have been many, none have even been close. Consequently, recent predictors have made their predictions for dates long past the horizons of most now alive, or at least past their caring.

It saves historical embarrassment.


The Minimum Wage debate continues.

I started a small computer sales company. First I put up every cent I had plus money from family and friends. I had to sign a five-year office lease worth $250,000 that I was personally responsible to pay even if the company failed.

I was open six days a week, and my wife and I were the janitorial staff on Sunday. It took seven years to make a profit on paper (we sold it before then), and I had to feed the kitty from my sales and my house equity, and before that profit would have been reached my house had a mortgage, and a second mortgage, and a third, fourth and fifth — all at the same time. Only the confidence of my local banker in my work habits kept my business afloat — and if it failed I lost my house.

And government wants to tell me how much to pay my employees?


The Christian right is all upset that wedding chapels and bakeries nationwide are being told that they must serve the Gay community.

Private property rights, and ownership mean nothing anymore! They have been eroded for decades!

Where have the good Christians been before their ox was gored?

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