Does Anyone Ever Learn — Communism Does Not Work!

The Venezuelan situation is so bad it is actually funny!

Venezuela has more oil under it than anyone — including Saudi Arabia — so it should be a filthy rich country, but instead it is rationing food and even diapers — while it imports oil from Algeria! Venezuela was teetering when oil was selling for $100+ a barrel, and now that oil is at $80 and falling…

How is this possible? The answer is Communism, first under Hugo Chavez and now under Chavez’s hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan economy has been so mismanaged that there have been shortages of toilet paper. The Communists are so enamored with helping the poor that they sell gasoline for 5 cents a gallon, but one woman quoted had to stand in line for three hours to buy two packages of diapers. She had tried cloth diapers but could find no detergent to was them.

Some airlines have stopped flying to the country over disputes over fuel costs, and some newspapers have stopped printing because of the lack of newsprint.

The nation staggers on with the “help of its friends.” Communist China has restructured their loan, and Communist Cuba has provided Doctors, but with fewer oil reserves, Saudi Arabia pumps 11 million barrels of oil a day while Venezuela staggers along with three million barrels.

Incompetence, buttressed by a failed ideology is not simply the provenance of The District of Columbia.

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