Traditions Are Falling Fast

Now that the Gay Rights battle is virtually over, and since it was based on “Equal Rights” and delivered with the tag line “no one can tell us who to love” the same arguments can be used — and will be used — to justify both polygamy and incest.

Both movements have already been organized and are ready to roll when their efforts might gain traction.

“Marriage” as a civil matter did not begin until the Middle Ages, and in most Europe people “married” simply by pledging to each other without the formality of church or even witnesses. Couples in western Europe simply made their vows, quietly.

As usual, things became more complicated when government got involved, and today marriage is DEFINED by government. Using the currently accepted reasons for Gay Marriage it may be legally difficult to deny polygamy. Incest may prove longer and more difficult because of medical concerns, but I can see the day when it is approved, given the current trajectory.

While polygamy has deep historical roots, and even modern acceptance in many parts of the world, incest is not without ancient acceptance. The well-known King Tut was the result of a Brother-Sister marriage of his parents, and Tut himself was married (at age 10, no less) to his half-sister. There was a long period of Brother-Sister Kings of Egypt. Perhaps that was the reason for King Tuts fragile bones. (He died of a broken leg, and subsequent Malaria.)

The Roman ruler, Caligula, who was admittedly as crazy as a loon, believed himself the son of a God, and like the Egyptian rulers, married his sister for the same reason as the Egyptian Kings — to keep the Godly bloodlines pure.

Societal norms are always in flux. Everyone lives in the present, and everyone believes things should always be as they are now.

That has never been true and it never will be true.

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