Hello! Did you hear it?

Did you hear it?

I did!

So did Senator Schumer, and Harry Reid. Hillary probably heard it but awaits Bill to explain it, and Elizabeth Warren heard it but like BARACK, she doesn’t care.

What some heard is the citizens moving steadily to the right. The administration cannot force Obamacare on an unwilling public through bribery and political force, then dictate an unpopular immigration policy on a citizenry in opposition, without reaction.

In a less disciplined citizenry without democratic options, the actions of the administration would result in revolution! This administration has taken cover under the democratic mantle to act against the will of the people, but has done so at the risk of the future of the Democratic Party of the immediate — and the Democratic Party is beginning to recognize that.

Even before the president assumed dictatorial power to, in his own words, “change the law,” the Democrats lost 28 of the 60 Senators who voted for Obamacare, and are likely to lose the 29th with the expected loss of Senator Mary Landrieu.

So even though Obama is secure because he no longer needs to face the voters, and Elizabeth Warren has room to maneuver because she can simply wait for a more propitious time in the future, other Democrats do not have that luxury — they must face an angry electorate.

They are understandably scared. The results of higher deductibles and payments in their medical costs, and increased competition for low-wage jobs by Green Card holders — both of which disproportionally impact a segment that were once described as “Reagan Democrats,” puts Democrat incumbents in danger.

Obamacare is NOT Healthcare — It Is Insurance!

Please! Please! Stop talking about Obamacare as health care! We are discussing INSURANCE!

Every swinging Richard in America has ALWAYS had health care for EVERYONE!

In Washington, D.C., Martha Rigsby is a “Frequent Flyer” who, now under a Court monitor but has called 911 THOUSANDS of times — she and every ambulance in the city are on a first name basis. She gets Healthcare, even though she is a mental case, because the ER doesn’t want to miss something and get sued!

A guy named Solis ran up a MILLION DOLLAR medical bill in Solano County (CA), and I read often about more than 250 homeless in San Diego who were labeled “Frequent Flyers” and an effort made to get than cheaper medical care without 911, ambulances and Emergency Room.

EVERYONE gets, and got Health Care. What we are arguing about is the ability of a needy person to present a CARD, and feel that they are not supplicants, when in fact they have only gone from supplicants to welfare recipients. They still do not pay their costs — those are picked up still by others…and all at the cost of billions of dollars.

Medical Self Esteem — writ large, and expensively.

Immigration Solution No One Will Listen To

Illegal immigration is a classic Cost/Benefit situation.

The Benefit is cheap labor for jobs Americans are simply too lazy to do. All advanced nations import their manual labor, because the world has plenty of it, and it’s cheaper than automation for those kinds of jobs.

The cost is in Gangs, use of schools and Emergency Rooms, and general crime — almost none of which is done by the workers themselves but by their families. When I was the Mexican Connection in my community for 20 years, and twice the head of the HOA, not ONE criminal act or use of ANY support system was reported in our community.

The laborers went back to Mexico twice a year to visit their families, plant and harvest crops, then returned to work. They all came to our community from the same tiny town that had one telephone.

Then the government decided to close the border — sort of. Napoleon said, “if you start to take Vienna, take Vienna,” and the half-way measures of sealing the border meant that our workers could no longer go home and return twice a year — they are uneducated but they are not stupid, so they brought their families north. Even if it took several tries, it was cheaper than going and returning several times.

It is the families who join gangs, and utilize services. We should offer the workers a deal: Send your family’s home in exchange for a fire-year Green Card, renewable four times. The alternative is deportation of the worker and his family if caught.

Carrot and stick. It would be a reasonable solution — one that no one will listen to because their feet are all in cement.

The Question of a “Christian Nation”

When I joined the Navy as an Enlisted man in 1951, throughout Boot Camp every man was MARCHED to Chapel on Sunday, and beginning in 1953 I was again MARCHED to Sunday Chapel EVERY Sunday at the US Naval Academy for four years!

(I should not complain, because I have always sung in the Choir, and was the Baritone Soloist in the Naval Academy Chapel Choir. When we sung Handel’s Messiah in my Plebe (Freshman) Year, we needed female voices, but we had none in the Academy so we annually went to nearby all-girl Hood College. One of my friends tried to set me up for a girl at Hood to host me for the dinner and dance when we went to Hood for a recital. The girl, a Junior, refused, saying “Why would I want to date a Freshman?” After many refusals, she finally relented. We were married four years later!)

Now you may say that story was from long ago, and that is true — but within the last 30 days, the Air Force dropped the REQUIREMENT that Cadets swear “under God” in their “swearing in” ceremony.

Mind you, it made “under God” OPTIONAL, that’s all, and Facebook erupted! Thousands upon thousands of posts ascribing nothing less than Devil Worshiping to the Academy, and demanding that the words be put back in!

You can see the comments on many Facebook pages about this being a “Christian Nation” as opposed to a Nation founded by Christians, or a nation founded on Christian principles.

There are those who would have me marched to church, TODAY.

SCOTUS Gets Another Bite of the Apple

The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has accepted a case in which it will decide whether a word commonly used in the U. S. really means what it is usually accepted to mean.

The SCOTUS decision will be important to the continuation of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and while very important politically to Obamacare, it is far more important to the question of the expansion of the Court’s ability to interpret the English language.

This decision will be a crapshoot because Congress has passed laws that clearly violate the specific wording – see the First, Second and 10th Amendments.

The question this time is the meaning of the words, “established by the state.”

Now you may believe that you know what that means, but politicians – who are usually attorneys – always want to argue what the meaning of “is” is.

Section 36B of the IRS Code, which was established by the Obamacare bill, says that tax credits for those who otherwise qualify, is only for those who participate in exchanges “established by the state.”

But 36 states never established an exchange! The federal government then established exchanges for the states as a fallback position, but was the exchange then “established by the state”?

The IRS promptly issued regulations saying that federally run exchanges can substitute for state-run exchanges.

Because two different appeals courts have disagreed on what the subject wording means (no surprise there – they are attorneys), the Supremes get the opportunity to weigh in on the subject. They too are all attorneys, but there is no requirement that they be attorneys. (All have been attorneys, but not all graduated from a law school or even attended one. But that’s another story.)

The 4th Circuit said yes, the Feds could substitute for states, but the D.C. Circuit said the Feds could not substitute for states. This is more than just an exercise in English, because if SCOTUS rules with the D.C. Circuit, and the words mean what you probably think they mean, Obamacare is severely crippled, possibly crippled, possibly fatally crippled.

As you might guess, there is more to the story than just a ruling by the D.C. Circuit having ruled that “state” actually means state. That ruling was made by a three-judge panel, so first the Obama administration appealed to the entire appeals panel, then slow-walked the appeal hoping to win by default, but the litigants went directly to the Supremes hoping to get a hearing, and they did.

With the new Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, Obamacare will be modified in several ways unless the President becomes the obstructionist he has accused the Republicans of being. A SCOTUS ruling upholding the D.C. opinion that “established by the state” actually means established by the state, may eventually prove fatal. A lot will depend on Justice Roberts, and since the Justices DO read the morning paper, how offended he may personally be by the videos of Jonathan Gruber.

At the very least, this case will establish which Justices can read. It may also, almost incidentally, put another nail in the coffin that is Obamacare, a very unpopular piece of legislation that contributed heavily to the rout of Democrats in the recent election.

And We Thought The Ancients Were Uneducated

The ancient Greeks were brilliant– I have explained the finding of a mechanism from 350B.C. that was recovered in 1900. Only modern technology a few years ago could read through the muck and grime, and it disclosed in 2006 that was a hand cranked “computer” with 60 brass gears which displayed the positions of the sun, moon, seven planets, and upcoming eclipses.

Equally as fascinating to me was the discovery of a long-distance “telegraph” that the Greeks used. They took two absolutely identical brass cylinders, and scribed them identically with markers and labeled each mark something like, “Ships to the East” and “Army approaching From South” and many other military intelligence things. Then they drilled holes in the bottoms and plugged them, filled both cylinders with water, and waited on distinct hills.

When something untoward was sighted, the site toward a potential enemy lit a fire, and when that fire was sighted on the far mountain it recognized that a message was coming, and they lit a fire to acknowledge. When the first fire was extinguished, the second fire was also extinguished., meaning the peacocks at the bottom of both cylinders should be opened and the water allowed to drip out. When the first cylinder water reached the desired message the first fire was lit again and both sites had water at a level that tells the far site what the site seeing something is seeing!


Just Another In A Long Line of Loss of Freedom

James Madison, whose pen strokes WROTE the Constitution, opined, “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”

In my youth, “welfare” was done by churches, because their leader, Jesus, ordered HIS people to take care of the poor. Somewhere along the way, Priests and Ministers decided that begging for alms for the poor interfered with their tee time, and it would be easier, and a lot more productive to have government FORCE the people to be charitable. (Which raises the inevitable question: Is forced “charity” really charity?)

I did some research a few years ago, and at that time there were seven homeless for each Christian Church in each community I studied. Christian churches could solve the homeless problem by eight am tomorrow — those churches have heat, space, bathrooms, and, more importantly, congregations with Doctors, Nurses, Employers, Social Workers, Grocers, etc.

Churches abandoned the instructions, nay duty, ordered by their Leader!

At the same time, government — always willing to pick up more duties, because with duties come staffs, and departments, each of which contribute to power, prestige and increased salaries for the managers of such attendant growth — benefited without harming the salaries of the religious order.

So, it was a win-win! Churches laid off some of their most onerous work, and government did what bureaucrats inevitably do, they grew!

Fist bumps all around! (Except for freedom!)

Post Election

My own measure of the elections, was the Governor races — particularly in Maryland and Wisconsin.

I lived in Maryland (if you can call being a Midshipman is “living”), and I knew that Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 2-1. It was almost impossible for a Republican to win ANYTHING, but the Governorship went to a Republican.

In Wisconsin, Scott Walker has been in a perpetual candidacy since he has won three elections in just two years, against heavy, almost overpowering union opposition in a strong union state. Who can forget the occupation of the Capitol Building by union sympathizers for weeks! Scott Walker defeats union opposition three consecutive times is nothing short of a political miracle and sets him up for a presidential run.

And, a Republican won the Governorship of Massachusetts!


In fact there are only 15 Democrat Governors! State houses are where the ground game for the next election is devised and run!

The election demonstrated The Incredible Shrinking President! He doesn’t care — regardless of what the Republicans do, the president can fly off to exotic places, attend galas at the White House and play every golf course in the Western World — all with impunity. In fact the president can grant  some limited amnesty to millions of illegal aliens knowing that the president can argue that does not constitute “high crimes and misdemeanors” but just a political act. Republicans might be loathe to take Obama to impeachment.

I can’t predict what the president will do, or what the Democrats or the elected Republicans will do, but all will jockey to try — to different degrees —  to get as much done without angering the electorate for the 2016 presidential election. The wild card is Obama, who is assured of hundreds of millions in income through speeches and books ( not to mention international adoration) — even a UN presidency that escaped Clinton only because a soiled blue dress would have been a huge snicker factor.

I am really happy with most of what happened — so happy that I included MSNBC in my election night channel surfing.

Quick Hits

The Russian Ruble has lost 20% of its value against the Dollar since the beginning of the year, and that (among other things) has caused the Russians to remove the threat of freezing out the Ukrainian people over the Winter.
Putin, of course, ups the ante by causing constant internet attacks against the White House, and sending Russian bombers into or near European air space.
One cannot judge whether the sanctions are working and Putin is feeling pinched, or if Putin is simply being Putin.
The fear of EBLOA is unwarranted, primarily because we live in a First World nation with a very successful medical system — the Texas hospital notwithstanding, but they were dealing with the first EBLOA patient for whom they were not prepared.
We need perspective. Thousands of Americans die each year of Flu.
Plague was once so prevalent in Europe that it appeared almost annually in the form of pneumonia, smallpox, bubonic, etc. and it decimated the population of almost all ancient cities each year by some 10%. Obviously, modern medicine in First-World nations can easily contain EBOLA.
That does not mean that prudent measures should not be taken — and overreaction beats under reaction by a mile!
Without getting into the merits of any particular case, almost everyone who opposes “Developers,” lives in a home a Developer built, drives on a road a Developer paid for, and shops in a Developer built neighborhood shopping Center.
Those arguing for natural habitat, live in a home built on what was once the natural habitat of animals.