Quick Hits

The Russian Ruble has lost 20% of its value against the Dollar since the beginning of the year, and that (among other things) has caused the Russians to remove the threat of freezing out the Ukrainian people over the Winter.
Putin, of course, ups the ante by causing constant internet attacks against the White House, and sending Russian bombers into or near European air space.
One cannot judge whether the sanctions are working and Putin is feeling pinched, or if Putin is simply being Putin.
The fear of EBLOA is unwarranted, primarily because we live in a First World nation with a very successful medical system — the Texas hospital notwithstanding, but they were dealing with the first EBLOA patient for whom they were not prepared.
We need perspective. Thousands of Americans die each year of Flu.
Plague was once so prevalent in Europe that it appeared almost annually in the form of pneumonia, smallpox, bubonic, etc. and it decimated the population of almost all ancient cities each year by some 10%. Obviously, modern medicine in First-World nations can easily contain EBOLA.
That does not mean that prudent measures should not be taken — and overreaction beats under reaction by a mile!
Without getting into the merits of any particular case, almost everyone who opposes “Developers,” lives in a home a Developer built, drives on a road a Developer paid for, and shops in a Developer built neighborhood shopping Center.
Those arguing for natural habitat, live in a home built on what was once the natural habitat of animals.

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