Post Election

My own measure of the elections, was the Governor races — particularly in Maryland and Wisconsin.

I lived in Maryland (if you can call being a Midshipman is “living”), and I knew that Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 2-1. It was almost impossible for a Republican to win ANYTHING, but the Governorship went to a Republican.

In Wisconsin, Scott Walker has been in a perpetual candidacy since he has won three elections in just two years, against heavy, almost overpowering union opposition in a strong union state. Who can forget the occupation of the Capitol Building by union sympathizers for weeks! Scott Walker defeats union opposition three consecutive times is nothing short of a political miracle and sets him up for a presidential run.

And, a Republican won the Governorship of Massachusetts!


In fact there are only 15 Democrat Governors! State houses are where the ground game for the next election is devised and run!

The election demonstrated The Incredible Shrinking President! He doesn’t care — regardless of what the Republicans do, the president can fly off to exotic places, attend galas at the White House and play every golf course in the Western World — all with impunity. In fact the president can grant  some limited amnesty to millions of illegal aliens knowing that the president can argue that does not constitute “high crimes and misdemeanors” but just a political act. Republicans might be loathe to take Obama to impeachment.

I can’t predict what the president will do, or what the Democrats or the elected Republicans will do, but all will jockey to try — to different degrees —  to get as much done without angering the electorate for the 2016 presidential election. The wild card is Obama, who is assured of hundreds of millions in income through speeches and books ( not to mention international adoration) — even a UN presidency that escaped Clinton only because a soiled blue dress would have been a huge snicker factor.

I am really happy with most of what happened — so happy that I included MSNBC in my election night channel surfing.

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