And We Thought The Ancients Were Uneducated

The ancient Greeks were brilliant– I have explained the finding of a mechanism from 350B.C. that was recovered in 1900. Only modern technology a few years ago could read through the muck and grime, and it disclosed in 2006 that was a hand cranked “computer” with 60 brass gears which displayed the positions of the sun, moon, seven planets, and upcoming eclipses.

Equally as fascinating to me was the discovery of a long-distance “telegraph” that the Greeks used. They took two absolutely identical brass cylinders, and scribed them identically with markers and labeled each mark something like, “Ships to the East” and “Army approaching From South” and many other military intelligence things. Then they drilled holes in the bottoms and plugged them, filled both cylinders with water, and waited on distinct hills.

When something untoward was sighted, the site toward a potential enemy lit a fire, and when that fire was sighted on the far mountain it recognized that a message was coming, and they lit a fire to acknowledge. When the first fire was extinguished, the second fire was also extinguished., meaning the peacocks at the bottom of both cylinders should be opened and the water allowed to drip out. When the first cylinder water reached the desired message the first fire was lit again and both sites had water at a level that tells the far site what the site seeing something is seeing!


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