The Question of a “Christian Nation”

When I joined the Navy as an Enlisted man in 1951, throughout Boot Camp every man was MARCHED to Chapel on Sunday, and beginning in 1953 I was again MARCHED to Sunday Chapel EVERY Sunday at the US Naval Academy for four years!

(I should not complain, because I have always sung in the Choir, and was the Baritone Soloist in the Naval Academy Chapel Choir. When we sung Handel’s Messiah in my Plebe (Freshman) Year, we needed female voices, but we had none in the Academy so we annually went to nearby all-girl Hood College. One of my friends tried to set me up for a girl at Hood to host me for the dinner and dance when we went to Hood for a recital. The girl, a Junior, refused, saying “Why would I want to date a Freshman?” After many refusals, she finally relented. We were married four years later!)

Now you may say that story was from long ago, and that is true — but within the last 30 days, the Air Force dropped the REQUIREMENT that Cadets swear “under God” in their “swearing in” ceremony.

Mind you, it made “under God” OPTIONAL, that’s all, and Facebook erupted! Thousands upon thousands of posts ascribing nothing less than Devil Worshiping to the Academy, and demanding that the words be put back in!

You can see the comments on many Facebook pages about this being a “Christian Nation” as opposed to a Nation founded by Christians, or a nation founded on Christian principles.

There are those who would have me marched to church, TODAY.

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