Immigration Solution No One Will Listen To

Illegal immigration is a classic Cost/Benefit situation.

The Benefit is cheap labor for jobs Americans are simply too lazy to do. All advanced nations import their manual labor, because the world has plenty of it, and it’s cheaper than automation for those kinds of jobs.

The cost is in Gangs, use of schools and Emergency Rooms, and general crime — almost none of which is done by the workers themselves but by their families. When I was the Mexican Connection in my community for 20 years, and twice the head of the HOA, not ONE criminal act or use of ANY support system was reported in our community.

The laborers went back to Mexico twice a year to visit their families, plant and harvest crops, then returned to work. They all came to our community from the same tiny town that had one telephone.

Then the government decided to close the border — sort of. Napoleon said, “if you start to take Vienna, take Vienna,” and the half-way measures of sealing the border meant that our workers could no longer go home and return twice a year — they are uneducated but they are not stupid, so they brought their families north. Even if it took several tries, it was cheaper than going and returning several times.

It is the families who join gangs, and utilize services. We should offer the workers a deal: Send your family’s home in exchange for a fire-year Green Card, renewable four times. The alternative is deportation of the worker and his family if caught.

Carrot and stick. It would be a reasonable solution — one that no one will listen to because their feet are all in cement.

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