Obamacare is NOT Healthcare — It Is Insurance!

Please! Please! Stop talking about Obamacare as health care! We are discussing INSURANCE!

Every swinging Richard in America has ALWAYS had health care for EVERYONE!

In Washington, D.C., Martha Rigsby is a “Frequent Flyer” who, now under a Court monitor but has called 911 THOUSANDS of times — she and every ambulance in the city are on a first name basis. She gets Healthcare, even though she is a mental case, because the ER doesn’t want to miss something and get sued!

A guy named Solis ran up a MILLION DOLLAR medical bill in Solano County (CA), and I read often about more than 250 homeless in San Diego who were labeled “Frequent Flyers” and an effort made to get than cheaper medical care without 911, ambulances and Emergency Room.

EVERYONE gets, and got Health Care. What we are arguing about is the ability of a needy person to present a CARD, and feel that they are not supplicants, when in fact they have only gone from supplicants to welfare recipients. They still do not pay their costs — those are picked up still by others…and all at the cost of billions of dollars.

Medical Self Esteem — writ large, and expensively.

2 Responses

  1. Yes, that’s true when you mean Medicaid patients, and that’s the largest number of newly insured. But millions also got to qualify for PRIVATE insurance who couldn’t get it before, and they can now go to other clinics besides the ER, when they couldn’t before. We have dozens of new primary care patients at the Urgent Care. Previously they had to pay cash if they wanted our service because we don’t accept Medicaid.

  2. The fact remains that they could ALWAYS get care! If you want to say that they now have more options as to where they get their care, that is true, but we do not haave people dying on the streets for lack of medical care, and we have not had so in a century!

    What we have is an expansion of Medical Welfare Geographic Opportunities! Greater convenience!

    It’s just like the Earned Income Tax Return, whioch of course is on income NOT earned. In a rational world, we would have them go to the Welfare office to pick up their check, but instead we MAIL it to them!


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