Hello! Did you hear it?

Did you hear it?

I did!

So did Senator Schumer, and Harry Reid. Hillary probably heard it but awaits Bill to explain it, and Elizabeth Warren heard it but like BARACK, she doesn’t care.

What some heard is the citizens moving steadily to the right. The administration cannot force Obamacare on an unwilling public through bribery and political force, then dictate an unpopular immigration policy on a citizenry in opposition, without reaction.

In a less disciplined citizenry without democratic options, the actions of the administration would result in revolution! This administration has taken cover under the democratic mantle to act against the will of the people, but has done so at the risk of the future of the Democratic Party of the immediate — and the Democratic Party is beginning to recognize that.

Even before the president assumed dictatorial power to, in his own words, “change the law,” the Democrats lost 28 of the 60 Senators who voted for Obamacare, and are likely to lose the 29th with the expected loss of Senator Mary Landrieu.

So even though Obama is secure because he no longer needs to face the voters, and Elizabeth Warren has room to maneuver because she can simply wait for a more propitious time in the future, other Democrats do not have that luxury — they must face an angry electorate.

They are understandably scared. The results of higher deductibles and payments in their medical costs, and increased competition for low-wage jobs by Green Card holders — both of which disproportionally impact a segment that were once described as “Reagan Democrats,” puts Democrat incumbents in danger.

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