Could Liberals and Conservatives Agree on JUST THIS?

The discussion thus far has been about the president’s abuse/misuse of power, but I bet I can think of an Executive Order that the president could have made, and that you, I, and just about everyone INCLUDING many illegal aliens would agree to: Order the U.S. Justice Department to enforce the Federal Felony law on return.

It is only a misdemeanor, an infraction, to cross the border, but it is a Federal Felony to recross the border once you are deported. Could we just get the LAW enforced — the FEDERAL law? The Sacramento Sheriff recently killed by an illegal alien, one who had been deported FOUR times! The CHP officer killed in Oceanside was killed by an illegal alien who had been deported EIGHT times.

Although there is no record of an particular Escondido, California, illegal committing a serious crime, the “record” in Escondido is 18 RETURNS! That means that there have been at LEAST 17 incidents with the police.

Could we at least agree on enforcing the Federal Felony law?


Some are complaining, rightly, about police “mentality.”

it is DNA — the Power of the Badge” — because there is a distinct and measurable DNA component, not that insures a police/military personality, but one that gives a weak or strong “proclivity.”

In the 30s there was a distinct proclivity of Communists to have Red Diaper Babies.

I have contributed to several newspapers over the past 32 years — and always as a free-lance writer, but with more than 2,500 columns published I have some small experience with newspapers. I have written for known liberal editors, and known conservative editors, and neither have ever given me a hard time over my viewpoints.

But yes, liberals dominate the newspaper business, and the TV newsroom, and the radio newsrooms…

Get over it! Conservatives seem to think that liberals conspire to dominate journalism — as if young people have the planning capability to conspire to do ANYTHING. Now you can argue that these young skulls full of mush are somehow “turned” by left-leaning professors at “J” schools, but, I believe that it is the youthful and liberal naiveté that drives those young people to go to “J” schools where their innate liberalism is reformed.

Young people want to make an impact on the world, and those who want to change the world have many career paths, including (although hardly limited to) Ministers and Journalists.

They “wants to change the world” syndrome is not just an esoteric philosophical term — the wife of murdered Wall Street Journal Journalist David Pearl — the first videotaped beheading many years ago — said in a magazine article those exact words. “he wanted to change the world.”

That’s not going to change because it is organic, and conservatives might just as well spend their emotional energy on something more productive. That’s not to say that conservative news outlets should not shame their Main Stream Media outlets over, for example, their reluctance to air the Gruber kerfuffle until it had swallowed the Capitol — only that the general conservative population needs to expend little emotional energy. Because it is just the nature of things.

William F. Buckley Jr. had this great quote: “Though liberals do a great deal of talking about hearing other points of view, it sometimes shocks them to learn that there are other points of view.”

Buckley was partly right, not all liberals will think there is no way but theirs, but at least that many believe that conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobes.

The divide is huge.

There is similarly a proclivity of some people to be drawn to the police/military line of thinking, and action. I am the product of that DNA soup heritage. Annapolis graduates are called “Ring Knockers” — and yes it is a club, with unseen and unwritten rules — but we know what they are — and the police have a similar “society.”

DNA does not “determine” but it give each human powerful hints!