Faster Than A Speeding Bullet! Actually!

One of the few remaining print magazines I revere is Smithsonian Magazine. Yes, it has a liberal slant, covering (I would add “overemphasizing”) a lot of the underside of American history that is uncomfortable, but it also covers the subjects that one would expect of American pride.

My home has few photographs that grace the walls, but one is spectacular — it is called The Last Hot Flight, a photo of the SR.-71 Blackbird, the world’s fastest plane on its way from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. in less than two hours.

The Smithsonian this month celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the first flight…a test flight, to be certain. Placed in actual service in 1968, the Blackbird was, literally, faster than a speeding bullet and climbed higher than even missiles could reach!

That made the SR.-Blackbird impervious to ANYTHING that any of our potential enemies could ever counter, and flew anywhere it wished. Too expensive to maintain forever, they flew for decades without anyone knowing they existed.

But they remain in museums, the most beautiful machine that humans ever designed, and it’s records have never been erased by much more modern machinery!

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