Crossover Day 2004

Crossover Day 2004

This is a banner crossover day, one between a warmer season in San Diego North County (Inland) and our cooler season.

Today we picked: Roses (five varieties), Plumeria, Hibiscus, Oranges, Tomatoes, Tangerines, Lemons, and Grapefruit!

The flowers may continue for several more weeks (today’s high at my home will be 78 degrees), and the citrus will continue for the next six months but cooler weather approaches, but the appearance of Oranges, and the lower rate of Tomatoes presages several months of nighttime fires in our Soapstone wood stove.

(This is mostly for effect — my long-suffering wife is from New England, so the fires begin when the first cloud appears in the sky, or the first drops of rain announce “Winter”…)

Today was the crossover day when everything in all seasons comes on the same day.

Although this “Crossover Season” may only last a few weeks, it is a day to celebrate!

(And, is there also a large amount of Schadenfreude involved!)

I Hope This Rumor is True

Apple is rumored to be going Retro with a new, much smaller 4″ phone next year, and it will be designed for women who have smaller hands.

I, for one, a normal sized male with normal male hands, welcome the idea! As I have noted before, Apple can make the iPhone the size of a thumbnail for all I care. I don’t want to surf the net with my phone, or do e- mails…I want to send and receive phone calls!

I have an iPad for everything else.

Apple tried to match the “phablets” of its competitors, and kept growing the size of iPhones until even men needed two hands to control the damn things!

I ain’t goin’ there!

Deal me out!

I WANT a 4″ phone! (I know that Apple isn’t listening to me, but they might just note that as the size of their phones has grown, the sales of their iPads has slipped!)

Just sayin’

This Mary Had a Little Problem — President Obama

Mary Landrieu is toast, but it is not all her fault…admittedly, she bungled what little chance she had. Coming from a highly regarded political family, with decades of experience in Washington, she could have run against Obama and done better.

Unfortunately, Mary voted for Obamacare, so she couldn’t run against it. She supported Obama in too many areas, for too long, and was not able to nuance a position. Serving in Washington with her Democratic colleagues having dissed Obama would not be too comfortable.

So, what happened to the reliable Democratic stronghold of the South, that with Mary’s defeat there are zero Democrat Senators, zero Democrat Governors, and zero Democrat Legislatures?

CBS News (yes, THAT CBS News!) quotes Merle Black, professor of political science at Emory University, “The Democratic Party is now dominated by very liberal politicians from the Northeast and Pacific coast and from the metropolitan areas of the country,” he explained. “Their priorities, interests, and values have very little appeal among white southerners.”

…Black argued, though, that the opposition to the president has less to do with his race and more to do with his agenda.

“There may be a little bit of that,” he said of the possibility that white voters oppose Obama because of his race, “but that is a much smaller part of it than the policy positions of the president.”