I Hope This Rumor is True

Apple is rumored to be going Retro with a new, much smaller 4″ phone next year, and it will be designed for women who have smaller hands.

I, for one, a normal sized male with normal male hands, welcome the idea! As I have noted before, Apple can make the iPhone the size of a thumbnail for all I care. I don’t want to surf the net with my phone, or do e- mails…I want to send and receive phone calls!

I have an iPad for everything else.

Apple tried to match the “phablets” of its competitors, and kept growing the size of iPhones until even men needed two hands to control the damn things!

I ain’t goin’ there!

Deal me out!

I WANT a 4″ phone! (I know that Apple isn’t listening to me, but they might just note that as the size of their phones has grown, the sales of their iPads has slipped!)

Just sayin’

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