This Mary Had a Little Problem — President Obama

Mary Landrieu is toast, but it is not all her fault…admittedly, she bungled what little chance she had. Coming from a highly regarded political family, with decades of experience in Washington, she could have run against Obama and done better.

Unfortunately, Mary voted for Obamacare, so she couldn’t run against it. She supported Obama in too many areas, for too long, and was not able to nuance a position. Serving in Washington with her Democratic colleagues having dissed Obama would not be too comfortable.

So, what happened to the reliable Democratic stronghold of the South, that with Mary’s defeat there are zero Democrat Senators, zero Democrat Governors, and zero Democrat Legislatures?

CBS News (yes, THAT CBS News!) quotes Merle Black, professor of political science at Emory University, “The Democratic Party is now dominated by very liberal politicians from the Northeast and Pacific coast and from the metropolitan areas of the country,” he explained. “Their priorities, interests, and values have very little appeal among white southerners.”

…Black argued, though, that the opposition to the president has less to do with his race and more to do with his agenda.

“There may be a little bit of that,” he said of the possibility that white voters oppose Obama because of his race, “but that is a much smaller part of it than the policy positions of the president.”

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  1. Allow me to comment as Native of New Orleans. You wrote:

    ” … Coming from a highly regarded political family, with decades of experience in Washington, she could have run against Obama and done better. ”

    Her family, commencing with her father, Moon (sic) Landrieu, has been “Noo Awlinz corrupt” from the outset. She got elected three times because Orleans Parish Democrats — predominantly black and a substantial majority of the Parish’s population ” delivered” for her on election night — night …

    Mary is and was ineffectual as a Senator. She’s always been a “carrier” of a strange form of emotionalism that rears its head in many New Orleanians — a tendency to believe the latest rumor — fervently — and shoot of their mouths about it:

    “You heard about XXX (a Republican) an’ what he’s doin’ wit’ his dog, you?” …

    but never give it any prior (or after) thought.

    For example, on Fox News Sunday, during the week after the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Chris Wallace showed her a picture of hundreds of school busses sitting in rows with water up to their windows. He asked her if she knew why they hadn’t been used to evacuate people. Mary flared up and screeched: “Those busses wuh flooded!!! Those busses wuh flooded!!!” Well, yes indeed they were, but they hadn’t been on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before Katrina’s arrival. Chris was baffled … as in ” Did I just hear what I think I heard?”

    Mary didn’t just vote “Aye” on Obamacare when Harry Reid told her to. She enthusiastically endorsed it. She said she’d vote for it again. Bad joss …

    She lost because she lobbied for the Louisiana Purchase — a quid pro quo boondoggle payoff in return for her vote against the wishes of a significant majority of her constituents.

    Mary’s association with Obama played a role in her defeat, but it was secondary to her venality and innate stupidity.

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