The So-Called “Torture Report”

You know what the end result of the report of harsh interrogation will be?

CIA agents will demand that all instructions for actions that might get them in any conceivable problem anytime in the future be in writing!

As a Submariner for more than a decade, I can tell you that submarines — today — are violating International Law…because it is what submarines DO,

If we are all to hold hands and hum with our enemies  — you go first!

It is not the Submarines — or Submariners — who do things on their own, of course…they operate on written orders anyway, and if they are to penetrate a foreign port to photograph something, the President himself signs off on it. The same is true for flights over other countries.

I have no idea who knew what about the harsh interrogation, but the CIA says they briefed the Majority Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Diane Feinstein, — which she denies, and it is she who has thrown the CIA under the bus!

CIA Directors would be wise to have all future briefings of Congressional committees, videotaped. I understand that CIA Directors risk terrible chances of a leak if they put anything in writing or on video, but Senator Feinstein just made that necessary.

None of the extreme measures revealed killed anyone, caused permanent injury or left scars, and the few instances where ANY of that happened (and there is no testimony that it did), it was pure accident.

If thermal discomfort is, in and of itself, for example, “torture” then my Korean service at minus 20 or minus 30 degrees was “torture” — and Incidentally that happens every year on the Korean DMZ for hundreds of our soldiers.

I understand torture — I served with Cdr. L. M. “Pete” Bucher in Submarines, and when he was captured by the North Koreans along with 82 shipmates on the USS Pueblo in 1968. I represented Bucher and his family, wrote his speeches and acted as his bodyguard upon his return.

Bucher refused to sign a confession after repeated beatings, but was shown a South Korean spy, chained to a wall — with a compound fracture of one arm sticking through the flesh, one eye gouged out with the eyeball and “black matter” hanging down his cheek, and the man was “gurgling.” (The NK then said, “Congratulations, Commander. You have withstood our beatings, but now you see what we are capable of, so unless you sign we will execute your men in front of you, one at a time. If you cannot stand to see all of them executed, and you crack after 10 or 20 or 50, then we win and you have needlessly lost those men. He signed.)

Years after Bucher’s return, the Navy was reconstructing the bones in Bucher’s face, and often each testicle were swollen the size of tennis balls.

I understand torture. I submit to the critics “you have no idea!”

The Democratic Report makes Zero claims that there was any permanent damage to anyone.

There is a US law against torture. (18 U.S. Code Chapter 113C – TORTURE) The Holder Attorney General’s office has investigated the situation, and declined to prosecute under US law.

Both Democrat and Republican administrations (including this one) have REFUSED to prosecute ANYONE!

But if you know something that Obama does not know…he has not even called for the resignation of HIS CIA Director that supported the interrogations!

(But Obama has sent Hellfire Missiles into wedding parties, which is a LOT worse than waterboarding!)

Now here is an interesting question: Does International Law trump US law, in the minds of the left?



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