Liberals Avoid The Fight, Bayonet The Wounded

I guess it is something for the Guinness Book of records: The United States has the largest bus in the world — it must be huge, because the Democrats have thrown the CIA, the NSA, and local police under it!

Liberals are people who watch the battle below from Spectator Hill, then when the fires die and the canons are quiet they rush onto the field of battle to bayonet the wounded!

I don’t contend that the results of liberal attacks on our protective services have demoralized the services — that takes sustained attacks — but the morale of those who protect us at home and abroad, took a hit. It is the kind of hit that impacts recruiting years and decades from today.

The only demonstrate negative impact has been by the New York Police Union, which has provided police with a form to request that the Mayor, Bill de Blassio, not attend their funeral if they should die in the line of duty.

And three past heads of the CIA — Democrat Leon Panetta being visibly absent —  have leapt to the defense of the CIA, as has the current head of the FBI.

First the NSA were roundly condemned by the press and many civil libertarians for overreaching in their surveillance, then the local police were taken to task because Michael Brown attacked a policeman, David Wilson..

Now, a Democratic controlled Senate Committee has published what can ONLY be described as a selective, partisan attack on the CIA.

Let’s review the bidding: reacting to a nation on its emotional heels after the attack on September 11, 2001, this nation was not looking for cultural niceties in capturing and interrogating those responsible, because a follow-on attack was expected. I was near Cape Cod, in the heart of liberal country, and on the afternoon of September 11 I went to a local Dentist. The Receptionist asked, “Did you see that?” And when I sad I had, she said, “I oppose the death penalty, but for those who do this…” Her voice trailed off.

We are told that the Democrats then in charge of the Intelligence Committee, knew and approved of the enhanced interrogation, and we do know that the interrogators were acting under the “Color of Law” in that the Attorney General’s office approved their actions. The current Attorney General has investigated, and declined to prosecute anyone.

(I have the distinct impression that the current AG has not weighed in, lest some new and different AG under a Republican administration, call the use of deadly drones a violation of some law.)

But the question is not one of strict legality, but rather what the participants AT THE TIME legitimately understood the legality to be, and how their organizations now feel about being held to today’s reading of that legality.

The obvious answer is being thrown under the bus!

And you can only guess what the Drone pilots at the Las Vegas site might be feeling today, about what future generations may think of their actions.

I am certain that neither liberal FDR nor liberal California Governor Earl Warren could have guessed that their internment of thousands of Americans of Japanese heritage; nor did Democrat Harry Truman suspect that he would be roundly criticized for ending the bloody conflict with Japan by dropping two atomic bombs, something that saved the predicted million man American casualties that would have been the result of an invasion of the Japanese islands; nor did George W. Bush suspect that his claim of Weapons of Mass Destruction — a claim also believed by the CIA, the MOSAD, the French and German intelligence  — ALL believed that Saddam had WMDs. (Come to think of it, so did Hillary, Bill, Joe Biden, Madeline Albright, Barbara Boxer, Arline Specter, Sandy Berger, Robert Byrd, Wesley Clark, Jacques Chirac, William Cohen, John Edwards, Dick Gephart, Al Gore, William Cohen, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, etc.)

It is worth reminding ourselves that it is a liberal American tradition to bayonet our wounded. Today, the left excoriates our Founding Fathers for owning slaves, even though slavery had been a world-wide accepted practice since the Old Testament, even among the Greeks who gave us Democracy, and the Romans who gave us the Republic. Americans also self-flagellate over our treatment of the American Indians, although our founders acted no different than anyone who lived at that time. It is not as if the Indians were going to remain forever on this land, warring among themselves without being decimated with Smallpox brought by someone else, if not us!

We have no idea what shame future liberals, in generations to come will place upon our generation for behaving as we do in some current cultural norm.


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  1. Of course it’s a partisan report. Just like Issa’s committee reports are partisan. It doesn’t make what’s in these reports untrue. The CIA performed torture outside legal boundaries given to them at the time, lied about doing it, and continue to lie about having done it, even though it didn’t give us any actionable intel.

    No one in government will be prosecuted because we will never be able to expose the secret of who gave the orders at the top. You can trace who administered the water (rectal hydration is an interesting euphemism) and hooked up the cuffs overhead, but not who told them to do it.

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