US Calls on China For Help! (Mommy! Kim is picking on me!)

I see that North Korea internet is down, but that could have been done by some guy in his San Antonio basement (O.K. the homes in San Antonio don’t have basements) — but you get the idea. That internet has teetered for some time, and there are only 1,025 IP addresses assigned to North Korea. (The US has BILLIONS.) Yes, it could also be Autonomous, or the US doing a Distributed Denial of Service attack…but it was just a light tap, not a hammer!

I note that the NY Times has reported that the U.S. is asking China to get North Korea to rein in the NK hacking machine.

There was a time when the US could fight its own battles.

Obama reminds me of Guidobaldo I of Urbano, (1482- 1508), Italy, during the Renaissance. Back then each city was a City State and Urbano was blessed with a Duke and powerful military leader (Federico III da Montefeltro) who was so strong that he could warn anyone against attacking Urbano, and he could rent out his army in the service of other cities. (In fact, other cities paid him NOT to attack!)

Unfortunately, he sired a son (Guidobaldo I), who was sickly and impotent, who could command nothing, and Urbano…even with his great army, but under no leadership, fell to Cesare Borgia.

I note that Military Times is reporting that Obama’s popularity among the Armed Forces has dropped to 15%. Leadership is not assigned. It does NOT come with the office! It is something that must be grabbed, and we suffer from a lack of leadership on so many fronts, as Mayor de Blassio has so ably demonstrated.

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