Quick Hits, and Merry Christmas

The French Banker who remarked that the 75% tax that French Socialist President Hollande punished with would turn France into “Cuba, without the sun” is now Hollande’s Finance Minister, and France has quietly abandoned the 75% tax. While it hurt France, many managers simply awaited the inevitable change, and everyone now is taking a huge breath. It will take a while for France to recover.


The biggest tech announcement of the year was generally overlooked — the e-Mailing of a wrench to the Space Station. Previously delivered 3-D printer was sent the instructions by e-Mail and the wrench was “printed.” 3-D printing is pretty routine in medicine and many other areas, and it is predicted to be “the” thing for consumers this next year. The next year will feature the advent of many 3-D printers into homes — even to “print” individualized meals for seniors. robotics in general will fill homes this year, from Smartphone -controlled thermostats and door locks, to soil sensor activated irrigation.


Another technology generally overlooked was the $30 million competition Google sponsored to have a private concern launch a “Rover” to the Moon which can land, move at least 500 yards and send High-Definition back to earth. There are several worthy competitors, one of which just won a $750,000 interim prize for their “Rover,” which attained the movement and video goals.


Recent studies have shown that “prayer” is actually beneficial in the healing process.

Of course it’s not “prayer” (per se) — it is belief that your body can heal, or be healed, so the “prayer” can be to any one of many Deities…or none. Note that the study did not differentiate between “prayer” to any particular “God” (and there are more than a few) — people  who comment on-line just assume it is a Christian “God.”


There is a growing belief among technologists that perhaps the threat against Sony was not from North Korea, but another agency and affiliated with someone on the inside. Certainly North Korea had the capability and the incentive, but that may not have been the incentive and that may not have been the source. Hackers (I can remember when that was a prized term and I was one of those) have many sleight-of-hand tricks. That which is obvious in Hacking is not necessarily true.


The quote from the Navy Coach after the Navy Football team beat San Diego State in the Poinsettia Bowl was classic. He said, “I don’t know how we won that game.”

Neither do I! Navy had held a much larger, faster SD State to three field goals, but with .20 seconds remaining on the clock, and Navy leading by a single point, San Diego State was poised to kick a fourth and game winning field goal from Navy’s 17 yard line — and they missed! Just plain missed!

A “W” is a “W” — but that was just an unexpected miss from a kicker who was 9 of his last 10, and from much further out than the 17 yard line. I’ll bet he doesn’t understand it either!

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