The Year of the Liberal Rout

The midterm elections demonstrated voter dissatisfaction with Democrat candidates. Current polls indicate that major large-city liberal players and liberal national leaders are in deep trouble.

The Chicago Tribune reported just three months ago that Rahm Emanuel has a popularity rating of 35% among voters for an early reelection bid next year. A smaller – and more humorous – poll found that Rahm was less popular than rush-hour traffic on the Eisenhower freeway!

President Obama has never been particularly popular among the military, but his current 15% popularity rating has fallen from 35% just a few months ago. The Military Times has done an annual poll on presidential popularity for the past nine years, and this late December plunge is unprecedented – generally attributed to the Obama presidency’s failure to negotiate a presence in Iraq, necessitating the need to return and eventually regain geography once held, and lost.

While there are no polls about Mayor De Blassio of New York as of this writing, there is little question that he no longer holds the 70% popularity he once had. It cannot be questioned that De Blassio has lost the support of the New York Police Union membership, a police force which historically has high public support.

In short, liberal leadership appears to be in retreat almost everywhere, and while the midterm elections presaged the crumbling of liberal leadership, remaining liberals in power appear not to have received the appropriate message.

In fact, the “lame duck” President is doubling down with Executive Actions and threats of more, disregarding any damage he may do to future presidencies as he rushes to get done that which he threatened before his first election, to “transform America.

While President Obama rushes headlong to establish a foothold for a European Social Democracy nation (Socialist-Light), Europe itself is having severe indigestion with its loose immigration policies. Policies that Obama is emulating. Any hope the President had for massive tax increases were blunted by Republicans holding the House until the midterm elections brought the Cavalry. Even the general public recognizes the incompetence demonstrated by a Secret Service more experienced with prostitution than deterring people from invading the White House, and problems with the IRS, and the VA, and …

(Meanwhile, in Europe, France’s Socialist-elected president, Hollande, witnessed his prized 75% tax on high-income earners quietly expire during Christmas week. Reuters in November reported Hollande’s popularity at 13% – he would envy Obama’s military popularity at 15%!)

While Obama offers a life vest to a crumbling Socialist Cuba, just when Cuba’s economy is further threatened by loss of both Russia’s and Venezuela’s support, no longer to be fueled by crashing oil prices, that life vest cannot be inflated by a Congress that is likely to slow-walk any embargo change.

(In Venezuela, Socialist President Maduro has 24% support)

In short, liberalism has run up against failing international Socialism, against support for police/military, and against a general knowledge that modern transportation permits people and corporations to escape punishing taxes. I would argue that modern transportation is the greatest boon to humanity because it facilitates competition and permits escape from tyranny. Only highly repressive regimes, like Cuba and North Korea, can continue to control their populations.

And now, in the New Year, the Republicans commeth…




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