The Net Is Filled With “Sheeple”

Someone called “ForAmerica” is always on my Facebook page, and last night ForAmerica posted that “Atheists” are attacking Carrie Underwood for singing about “…her faith in Jesus.” ForAmerica wanted Christians to “Like” if they supported Carrie, and ForAmerica had 1,100,000 “Likes” as of last night and 60,000+ Comments.

Since I had not heard of any controversy about Carrie, I did a quick Snopes search, and Snopes says the claim of Atheists attacking Carrie is “False” — so I went to Google and searched for information. Through six pages of posts about “Atheists attacking Carrie”, I found mountains of claims in Conservative blogs — all the same nebulous and unspecific information — but in no case did I ever read who or where these Atheists are. They are never named, never quoted, just some nebulous “Atheists”.

What I did find in my searches is that Christians were angry with Carrie because as a Country Western singer, because back in 2012 Carrie had supported Gay Marriage — which had apparently caused a schism with some of her Country Western Christian supporters that needed to be healed.

My guess is that Carrie’s Public Relations agency invented the “Atheists Attack Carrie” ploy to recoup her fan base, and For America is just part of the PR effort!

I find it amazing what sheep are on the Net!

2 Responses

  1. LOL – I’m not amazed. I worked on infomercial productions for a couple of years. The WORLD is full of sheep. The Net is only a flock.

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