We Will All Be Exhausted By 2016

Gosh, is the political horse race really underway? It seems early, but…

While I am a registered Libertarian I usually vote Republican in the national election, because Libertarians have better local candidates than Libertarians do on the national scene.

My support for Republicans is not unlimited, and it is based usually overall not on the quality of the Republican, as it is a well-earned fear of a Democrat candidate.  Back when Democrats had Senators like Nunn of Georgia and “Scoop” Jackson of Washington, I was a nominal Democrat, but as they say, the Democratic Party left me.

Some of the Republican potential candidates for president scare me just a bit, but nowhere near  the threat to my Liberty that do the potential Democrat candidates.

That said, let me just list my Republican candidates and what I see as their assets and liabilities  IN MY EYES.

As they say, your results may vary!

Right now, and I mean my list is tenuous because future events may call for a reshuffling, my Top Tier are Scott Walker, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry. All have has not just marginal, but HUGE success in State management. Mitt has the downside of losing twice, Jeb for being out of the spotlight for many years, and Rick Perry for being too Texan.

My second tier includes Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and Dr. Ben Carson. I believe that all but Chris Christie only want national platforms for distributing their ideas, and Chris has little chance because his stewardship of his state of New Jersey has not been even good, much less great.

The current heart-throb on Social Media, Dr. Carson, is the Dark Horse candidate if I can use that term. No doubt he is brilliant, articulate and has a compelling story, but we have been through that once before and the results have been awful. He needs seasoning — a Governorship would help or even several terms as a Senator — but management training only comes with corporate presidency or Governorship. Carly Fiorena is another Dark Horse — she has management experience but it was not wholly successful.

Did I leave anyone out? (Probably)

It’s hard to rate the Democrats, because Hillary has filled the field, and if she actually pulls the trigger she will keep everyone out, except those who want a platform for their ideas, and can you say Elizabeth Warren. Hillary has some management experience in the State Department, but her success as a manager there would be frequently questioned. Then there is Bill. Bill is another problem. You have to say that Hillary DID keep her head down and worked hard as a Senator, but it says a lot that she now represents the Conservative Wing of the Democratic Party.

Many Republicans will fall by the wayside — who can forget Rick Perry’s debate fiasco or Jinal’s infamous Saturday reply to a presidential speech — neither of which should be disqualifying, but was because when candidates are all qualified, some means must be around to choose between equals.


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