Love America?

(just as a personal note, I have been sleeping in my wife’s hospital room for a week, so blogs are scarce..)

The president loves America, or at least he WOULD love America if it would just follow the European model. Unfortunately, the EU is a failed economic model, with an aggregate 4% growth since the Euro was conceived, and the EU has a 12% unemployment rate, no protective army to assist in the Middle East or to protect Poland…the list goes on.

Obama does not love the America we have, but he likes us. Just a bit. He is not a Muslim, or foreign born, he just thinks we are too big, too successful, too powerful, too interventionist, too rich…in effect he does not love us as we are. But he does like us.

He is not the sort who joins the military, let’s just say! Those who really love this nation are willing to die for it. Obama was willing to get a law degree to change this nation, and, in his own words in college he ran with the Socialists and Communists. Afterward he consorted with the Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres…not because he was as crazy as they, but he liked their anti- establishment views. Only a huge kerfuffle kept Reverend Wright from giving the invocation at Obama’s announcement of his candidacy. The invitation was withdrawn the night before the announcement event.

He promised to “fundamentally change America.” No one ever asked what he intended to change it to, but all of those who had grievances , petty and large, were drawn to his rhetoric.

We began to get the drift when almost immediately upon entering office, Obame took his first foreign tour, usually referred to as his Apology Tour. 

Yes, Obama loves an America that he sees in his mind. That is not an America that Obama is president of, nor one that he will ever lead.

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  1. Hope your wife is well. My thoughts to you and your family.

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