My take on the Israeli Prime Minister speech to Congress, is that where he stands is because of where he sits. My take on why Obama opposed the speech is that he really believes he can nuance the Iranians behavior — much as FDR really believed he could control Stalin once the War was over.

The Democrats — now that there is no longer a conservative wing of the party — believe in Symmetry. There is a deep streak within the Democratic Party that believes the US has been an international bully, too interventionist, too big, too strong — and that only by empowering other nations can the US be brought under control. There has been a movement in the Democratic Party even for US Unilateral Disarmament in a move to bring the US under control.

That has always been a non-starter, but the alternative — bringing other nations up in economics and military — has been much more gradual and much more successful.

Symmetry. Think Symmetry. Israel has nuclear weapons, and they do tend to throw their weight around. (Israel does not take threats lightly.) Israel needs to be countered by Symmetry.

Democrats have some historical precedent for this Symmetry belief — the MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION  pact between the U.S. and the old Soviet Union. Opponents of the Democrat theory point to the Apocalyptic nature of Islam. 

No one can predict how any individual, or nation will act in the future. The question always is, what are the odds and what can be done to best assure the success of your side’s odds.

Idealism vs. Realism

The problem with the betting is that in many cases, the president is betting with someone else’s money — he gambled on the rapid withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and ISIL came at 45 MPH in Toyota convoys, unopposed. Obama gambled, Iraq lost. Ooops!

The president gambled with the release of GITMO prisoners, and that has bitten our troops ad the troops off our friends in the ass, but has not bothered the Obama golf game.

He is gambling again in Cuba, but we do not yet know the results of that gamble

How about this? If Iran gets the bomb, Obama agrees to give up his retirement, his security guard, his paid speeches, his travels, and becomes an uncompensated private citizen? Obama needs to have some skin in this game!

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