Quick Hits

Ted Cruz announced for president.

Brilliance in the law — which he certainly has — (or medicine, for example, as Ben Carson certainly has) does not presidential timbre make! He is not for smaller government, just government that enforces Christian doctrine.

As someone who was marched to church in Boot Camp, and again at Annapolis, I understand forced religion…and I vote “No!!”

Cruz selected Liberty University for his announcement. He was sending a message to the Evangelicals. They got it.

So did I.

(Question: Would the nation vote for a man with no visible upper teeth? This is not a spurious question. We are a society absolutely obsessed with good looks. Yes, this is a sad commentary on voters.)

One wag on Fox (March 22) said of Cruz, “He has the same experience and twice the arrogance of Barack Obama.”

That’s good copy if nothing else.

Basically, Cruz is Donald Trump x 1.5


Some ISIS group has posted the names and addresses of 100 military families, asking their acolytes to attack them.

The very first military person or family member who is attacked, and the president will not be able to quench the firestorm!
I have not commented on the Apple Watch, because, quite frankly, it doesn’t interest me. The “watch” does nothing my Rolex or someone’s Timex(each keeps the same time), or that my iPhone doesn’t do. Now, when it can REPLACE my iPhone, give me a call!

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