All For (Uninformed) Public Consumption

Our president is angry that Israel is spying on the Nuclear negotiations with Iran!

Shocked! Shocked, do you hear!

Spying on one another, who would have thunk it!

Of course it is just one more effort to deny Bibi’s popularity in America, particularly among the right, a popularity that annoys the left. This one won’t work because everyone with any ear for politics knows that we were recently caught listening in on Angela Merkel’s cellphone, and of course the Germans became irate, but Angela — having lived in East Germany under the STASI knew darn well she was being listened to. She expressed “outrage.”

Right! Only for public consumption, of course.

Bibi knew he had access to the most secret negotiations. Putin had access. Probably Maduro of Venezuela was listening in, along with, oh, say, perhaps 5 other countries with college level computer science graduates and supercomputers.

What really torques Obama, is that Bibi leaked the details of the negotiations to Republicans in the Congress, generating the open letter to Iran (it was not actually SENT to Iran, it was addressed to Iran but it was just posted on-line).

It seems that every government with a telephone system knew what was in the negotiation, but the people in those countries knew nothing — so the Republicans informed the Iranians, quite correctly, that the president was negotiating a presidential understanding with a known “Use by” date — if the president was representing what he was doing was a “Treaty” then the Iranians should know that the president could not do that without 66% of the U.S. Senate.

The Iranians might not understand the U.S. Constitution. Hell, most Attorneys don’t…I am not an Attorney but Bernie Seigan, late Professor of Law at USD and one of only 10 Members of the US Constitution’s 200 Birthday Committee, said I understood the Constitution better than most of the Law Professors on the staff of his university. He was a reader of my newspaper columns.

That is not a sign of my brilliance; it was a comment on his professors!

And I can’t even begin to comment upon the understanding of the Constitution held by Iranian Mullahs, American college students, or President Obama!

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