A Clash Of Rights

“To the man with a hammer, every problem is a nail” is the way Abraham Maslow put it and he was right.

The “Hands Up, Don’t shoot” narrative was a narrative chosen by Black activists — despite the fact that the narrative was wrong. Activists need an accelerant for their message, lest the fire die down.

The Gay activists have found an accelerant in the Indiana law…the accuracy of their narrative is less important to them that the passion it might engender.

This nation has solved most of its major problems, so what is left is to debate upon clashing rights…in this case religious freedom vs. Gay Rights.

I am an Atheist, and I support Gay Rights — but MY Constitution favors freedom and that lets shop owners decide what they will sell and to whom. The shop owner is stationary, the customer has the freedom to chose another shop owner.

It’s called “Freedom” — a long lost term in the lexicon of some activists.

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