Stupidity Abounds

Is there some problem with travel between LA and San Francisco? 

I have lived in California for nigh onto six decades, and I have heard of no such problem.

But, water?  Yes, water is a problem, and always has been in the West, ever since Range Wars over water in the early days of ranches. 

So why are we building a multi-billion dollar low-sped train (while Japan’s Mag-Lev train just logged 375 MPH) and California has not yet built a viaduct from Oregon or Washington where water is a throwaway item, year after year.

(I attended a symposium on Mag-Lev trains in Washington, D.C.,Circa 1972.)

I have noted that the plantation owners on Kauai had trenches and tunnels hand-dug to take water from the water-rich north of the island to the sun-rich south, for the raising of sugar. You can “tube” down those channels, leisurely, today.

Gov. Jerry Brown is not a stupid man, so exactly why he is breaking the state in two directions simultaneously is a subject for a Psychiatrist, not a mere Blogger. It defies logic, and it certainly does nothing to establish a “legacy,” if that is his purpose. 

Perhaps the Governor thinks the Low-Speed Train is a lasting legacy, while droughts are cyclical…even spasmodic. I recall piloting a Cessna 172 up to Napa in the early 70s, and flying over many a dry reservoir, and who can forget the subsequent “If it’s yellow, let it mellow…”

This whole drought, and drought solutions in California is a terrible indictment of politicians. Stupidity abounds!

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