Only Sending One Texas Ranger? Yep, Only One Riot!

The First Amendment was not designed to protect poems about flowers and puffy clouds — it was designed to protect provocative speech!

What part of “No” do we not understand!

I find it fair interesting that the organizers picked a Texas venue, but it makes perfect sense to me, who was raised in that state during my formative years. Texans are a different breed, proud of their bloody history, and eager to rise to a challenge.

Now bringing a service pistol to a duel with two men armed with automatic weapons is not something you should not try at home, but it adds to the Texan narrative. 

Some, primarily Liberals, wonder why the “Free Speech Group” would be “provocative,” but why question that? Actually, I attribute the need for an unknown group to find a minor venue in a smallTexas town for their provocative art contest, to the New York Times!

Years ago, in 2005, when the Jyllands-Posten first published a cartoon of the Prophet with a bomb in his turban, the editor has been forced to live under police protection ever since — and the cartoonist who drew the cartoon was nearly murdered on the Amsterdam street in 2010, if the New York Times had republished the cartoon it would have been so widely published as to end the onesy, twosy minor publications — and the Texas venue.

Only when the West denies these extremists the opportunity to attack single venues, but rather make them face a concerted disdain for their incredibly stupid concept, which has no basis in their Koran, but is made up of whole cloth.

Texas has a congenital proclivity to stick their thumb in convention’s eye.

They did it again.

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