Obvious Answer No One Hears

I apologize for not being as voluble as usual in my posts, but when one reaches their 80s, medical problems go from arithmetic to geometric to logarithmic. Fortunately, the Editor of the newspaper that carries my columns does not place undue requirements upon me.

But I just have to comment on a few things, including but not limited to the Baltimore riots.

As I noted in my memoirs, my earliest years were in the segregated South — Montgomery, Alabama — where I was raised by a Black “Mammy,” Virginia, often in “Colored Town” when my Mother was employed in Atlanta. (I was subsequently orphaned by age five)

I don’t remember much of being one of the few “white boys” in “Colored Town” but that says a lot in itself. Obviously I was not in danger, and I do remember Virginia, who cared for me. Upon graduation from Annapolis, and my marriage, I drove to Montgomery to find Virginia and introduce my wife. Virginia was family.

I also don’t remember any riots.

Come to think of it, there have never been many Southern riots at all. Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Baltimore, Detroit…hmmm. Perhaps that needs to be examined more thoroughly…

(The Birmingham Riots in 1963 were original Civil Rights disturbances, not reactions to poverty, police or White Power Structure.

One thing is absolutely certain, race problems are not inherently a race problem. There is nothing inherent in the Black race that causes the problems in inner cities, but there certainly is something in the post 1950 Black culture that causes the problems we see.

It is not poverty, or at least not poverty alone. The South of my youth had much more grinding poverty, and Southern cities today have Black inner-city populations in poverty without riots. 

Baltimore was certainly not the White Power Structure — Baltimore rioted with a nearly equal Black Police Force, Black Police Chief, Black District Attorney, Black U.S. Attorney General, and a Black President of the U.S. 

Half of the police charged in the Baltimore case are Black and half the arrested officers are Black.

Which leads us to the point where we have no answer provided by Talking Heads. Well, not quite no answer. What we still have is the collapse of the Black culture, post-1950, but we actually do have a great liberal thinker, writer, and Democratic politician to provide us some insight. He did so decades ago, and caught hell from his liberal friends.

His name was Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He wrote  “The Negro Family: The Case For National Action” (the 1965 Moynihan Report), and in it he concluded the destruction of the Black nuclear family was responsible for the decline of Black culture.

He was prescient.

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