Quick Hits

Tom Brady must have known his e-mails had incriminating information in them, and that is why — like Hillary Clinton — he refused to hand over the e-mails the could have either cleared him or incriminated him.

The news that he has been suspended for four games, a slap on the wrist for cheating in not just a game but games. His four games will probably be reduced to two — half a slap on the wrist.

That’s more than Hillary will get for refusing to submit her e-mails! 


I would have to know more about the Doctor/Mother and Autistic child who were taken off a United Jet part way to back to their Portland, but my general attitude is that I HATE disruptive children on planes, trains, buses, cars — anywhere i am a prisoner who can’t escape! 

The fact that a child has Autism, a cold, an uncontrolled temper or just an inattentive Mother, does not diminish my pain and the “quiet enjoyment” of my trips. 

I would support child-free transportation. I wasn’t there so it is hard to comment, but personally I am tired of bratty kids on public transportation. I love smokeless flights and would welcome childless flights and child-friendly flights. 

Let the children annoy one another!


What if you gave a party and no one came?

Well, the new Saudi King just decided not to attend an Obama called Middle-East conference!

Classic political eye-poke.

Among other things, U.S. oil production has driven down the Saudi sales, and cut the price in half, but the Iranian nuclear deal is the kicker.


While I am following the daily horse race of candidates for president, I pay little attention — too early. 

Elizabeth Warren isn’t going to run, but she is drawing Hillary to the left. Hillary continues to stay above the fray, untouched by the Main Stream Media who give her all the space she wants. Bill is the Albatross around her neck, in spite of his popularity it may leak when one asks how he will play as the First Husband.

Among the Republicans, the jockeying is furious — right now the first jockeying is when to announce and get an advantage. There is really no advantage to get in that timing. The second jockeying is the money trail. The Repubs will need at least a billion dollars just to play the game with Hillary, but the money is still sitting on the sidelines awaiting a winnowing of the field.

All in all, it just fills air time for pundits.

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