Scammers Never Stop

The Scammers just never stop when you get elderly. The three that are at least weekly on my phone are the “Hi, Grandpa, this is your favorite Grandson. I am in a Mexican jail, and I need $500 to get bailed out…”
That was the one about an hour ago. He wasn’t very good, but the first one who tried it many months ago was REALLY good. Scammers have to be good to be convincing. 
Yesterday, it was “Mr. Hemphill, this is the Windows Technical Department.” 

Here there are two variations. The one yesterday began with:

“Several years ago, you paid for Windows Technical support, and you have not used it. We want to return all of your money. If you will go out to a website I will give you…”

The other begins: “our servers at Windows Technical Support report a large number of errors from your computer. If you will go to your computer and open a website you will be given…”

Going to their website and downloading their program will encrypt your entire computer…then the next day they will call and offer to give you code to unlock your computer.

I have no idea how they select their suckers, but you can buy lists of the elderly and I would guess they do that, particularly the elderly in known retirement centers like San Diego.

I try to keep the scammers on the phone for as long as possible, so they will have less time to search for suckers, but their scam must be successful or they would not continue — or they would get new scams.

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