Pavlovian Response

Politicians always think we need more laws or they are just not doing their jobs. We have so many laws there is no way to consider them all in daily living. 

It is common newspaper fodder to “reveal” that the IRS gives bad dope to callers — usually a reporter with a brain block makes three calls and gets three different answers.

Journalist always fall back in times of Writer’s Block on “revealing” the local Transit executives do not ride the bus/commuter train, or that the local politician has a particularly large/green lawn in a drought.

Similarly, politicians can be trusted to propose the raising of taxes, usually for a very good cause — politicians can be counted on saying their proposal will only cost a few cents a day.

The latest tax celeb is raising taxes on gasoline. The plea is that the tax has not been raised since the 1990s, but if that logic is to prevail all taxes would be raised periodically until there is not a dime left in taxpayers pockets, regardless of need.

Here is what the tax proponents won’t tell you:About a third of Federal Highway Trust Fund dollars are spent on non-highway projects such as mass transit, highway greenery, and sidewalks.

The Highway Fund is going broke because it is being used for items not connected with repairing highways or bridges. If our highways and bridges are in disrepair — and they are — it is not that politicians don’t have enough money.

As usual, politicians turn immediately to their first standby:Raise taxes.

Pavlovian response!

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